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J-Algo - Welcome

j-Algo is an algorithm visualisation tool. It helps students to understand classical algorithms by illustrating them in different ways: graphical (animated), formal, and descriptive. j-Algo can be useful to everyone interested in algorithms, in particular to students of computer science and university lecturers that want to beef up their readings. Currently, there are 15 modules covering the following topics:

  • AM0-C0: translation of C0 programs into AM0 programs
  • AM1: simulate AM1 programs
  • Algebraic Path Problem: visualises the algebraic path problem
  • AVL trees: visualise binary search trees following the balance algorithm of G.M. Adelson-Velsky and E.M. Landis
  • BFS/DFS: breadth-first search and depth-first search in graphs
  • C0-H0: translation of C0 into H0 programs
  • Dijkstra algorithm: create directed graphs and perform Dijkstra's algorithm to find the shortest way
  • EBNF/syntax diagrams: EBNF definitions and syntax diagrams, the trans() algorithm and interactive word creation
  • EM algorithm: Expectation–maximization algorithm
  • Heapsort: the sorting algorithm Heapsort
  • Hoare Calculus: verification of a C0-program using the Hoare calculus (new version)
  • Knuth Morris Pratt: visualisation of the KMP search algorithm
  • Lambda Calculus: converting and reducing λ-terms
  • Pulsing Memory: helps understanding the concepts of a stack and pointers
  • Unification: unification of terms

To get the latest release have a look at the download section. This project is GPL licensed. If you are interested in developing support for other algorithms, help us with translation or if you just want to have a look at the source code see the developer corner.

j-Algo is developed at the faculty of computer science at Dresden University of Technology in collaboration of the Software Engineering Group and the Chair for Foundations of Programming.

2012-02-14 : New module "EM" (Expectation–maximization algorithm)

2011-07-12 : New modules "AM1" and "C0-H0"

2011-01-05 : New modules "AM0-C0", "BFS/DFS", and "Unification"

2009-08-10 : New module "Lambda Calculus"

2009-07-06 : Update of the "Hoare Calculus" module

2008-10-31 : New module "Algebraic Path Problem"

2008-08-27 : New version of "Hoare Calculus" module

2008-02-21 : New module "Heapsort"

2007-10-29 : Modules "Pulsing Memory" and "Hoare Calculus" are online

2007-05-22 : Two project groups are working on modules concerning axiomatic semantics and the stack.

2006-10-23 : Mac OS X version is available

2006-10-06 : the new modules EBNF and KMP are online

2006-04-11 : two groups started their work on new modules: KMP and EBNF

2006-01-20 : the Dijkstra module is used in a lecture (photos)

2005-12-20 : j-Algo has been presented in a computer science lecture at Dresden University of Technology, see photos

2005-12-20 : Two minor bugs in the documentation of the AVL module removed.

2005-11-26 : release of version 0.49 that brings two new modules "AVL trees" and "Dijkstra algorithm", an enhanced module structure and the removal of the module "EBNF/syntactical diagrams"

2005-07-09 : second release candidate for version 0.49

2005-07-02 : after hard work two new modules covering AVL trees and the dijkstra algorithm are available: version 0.49-RC1

2005-03-05 : version 0.43 brings several bug fixes concerning the GUI behaviour and the backtracking algorithm

2005-01-16 : J-Algo becomes a binaervarianz project

2004-08-15 : Programmers Guide updated
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