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Screenshots - j-Algo
j-Algo welcome screen

Screenshots - Dijkstra algorithm
create a graph

arrange and valuate nodes

perform algorithm as animation or step by step

end of Dijkstras algorithm

Screenshots - AVL module
welcome screen: choice between loading a file, create a tree manually and create a random tree

create a random tree

overview of a tree in the navigator

algorithm to test if the tree is an AVL tree

rotation step in algorithm to create an AVL tree

algorithm to insert a new node

a balanced tree following Adelson-Velsky and Landis

Screenshots - EBNF and syntax diagrams
welcome screen of the module EBNF and syntax diagrams

input of a EBNF definition

executing the 'trans' algorithm

editing syntax diagrams

word generation
Screenshots - Knuth Morris Pratt module
welcome screen of module KMP (Knuth Morris Pratt)

executing the algorithm (1)

executing the algorithm (2)
Screenshots - Hoare Calculus

Screenshots - Lambda Calculus
>binaervarianz >projects >j-Algo